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05-23-2017 07:58 AM
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Hi folks,

One important piece of information for me is how many times an item has been downloaded. When you search for an item, Portal for ArcGIS returns, along with descriptive texts, the Ratings, Comments and Views. Is there a way to modify the results adding the option for "x Downloads"? I mean, somewhere within Portal should be a counter of how many times an item has been downloaded and then put this number on the results window.

Anyone has an idea on how to do this?



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I think that information will be specific to the item type.  For example, the information from the item page does return a download counter as long as it's an item that can be downloaded:

This particular item is an upload shapefile.  When searching, the same information is returned:

For an item that can't be downloaded, (for example, a hosted feature service), the "downloads" value is changed to "views".  What item are you trying to download?  If it's a hosted feature service, are you exporting the data?

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