Repair Contour lines?

08-24-2013 10:05 AM
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I'm running ArcGIS 10. I have a contour map of a lake that has many little gaps in it. The total coast line is several hundred miles, andthe gaps are no more than 10 feet across. But they make it difficult to do anything with the dataset. Is there a tool to repair this?
Otherwise I will have to manually edit it.


Picture attached. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26936[/ATTACH]
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If you have to repair them yourself I would suggest creating a topology and use the "Must not have dangle" rule to make finding your gaps easier.

Hope this helps!
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I used DEM as a material to make contours. Dem Tiles in overlap area, have problems and it caused that the contour lines found issues. ( instead of continuing in other tiles, they turned back).

Would you please let me know How I can fix this issue.

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