Reorder layers in a Presentation slide of a Web Map

10-07-2021 06:00 AM
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I'm want to bring together contextual information (formerly in PowerPoint format) with a corresponding web map, which will be displayed side-by-side in an Experience Builder App. The goal is to enable users to interact with the data behind the slideshow, as opposed to just a static image.


I have a single Web Map that contains all my feature layers for the project. For each of the themes being discussed, I need to display a different combination of layers (some toggled on, others off) that contributes to the given narrative, which must load by default.


Layers cannot be toggled in ExB's Map Widget (a major flaw!). Moreover, it is not feasible to split the Web Map into multiple Web Maps for each theme, as there would be an enormous number of maps required.


My partial resolution was to create a 'Presentation' from the Web Map. The Presentation feature enabled me to toggle on/off layers and save each view as a 'slide' - see screenshot. I then embedded this presentation slide into ExB using the Embed Widget with URL Parameters, as per below.


BUT, the Presentation App retains the original drawing order (or TOC order) of the Web Map and does not provide the option to reorder layers. Reordering layers in the original map might display one slide well, but impedes display of another slide, as some feature layers become hidden behind others. Essentially, each slide needs its own drawing order. 

Please might someone suggest a solution / workaround to this :)



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Hi @TomLT_ ,

You may want to use URL parameters in webmap or webappbuilder to turn on/off the layers visibility.

Webmap - Use URL parameters to create and modify maps—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation
Webapp Builder - Use URL parameters—ArcGIS Web AppBuilder | Documentation



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Hi Tang,

Thanks for your message. My understanding is that URL Parameters can toggle on/off the layer visibility, but the drawing order remains the same as in the original Web Map? That's my impression from the snippet below.


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