GeoEnrichment with IWA not working

10-14-2021 08:46 AM
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Hi there, we are trying to configure the GeoEnrichment Service within our Portal Environment.  Our Portal resides behind our firewall and is only accessible to our Organization.  We have worked with networking to allow for Portal and it's Services to access the internet if needed.

Our problem started when we switched from a Built-In account/identity store to IWA (Integrated Windows Authentication).  After switching identity stores, we are no longer able to utilize the GeoEnrichment option.

In our Portal UI, I have configured the ArcGIS Online GeoEnrichment option with AGOL credentials that have administrative privileges and credits.  When I switch to Utility Services, I notice the GeoEnrichment option is populated with a URL.  However, we I try to utilize GeoEnrichment within the Map environment I receive an error.  In addition, when I copy and past the link into the browser I receive the following message:

Services Directory has been disabled

Error: 403

Then, I check the logs on our ArcGIS Server and notice the following message:

Error executing tool. EnrichLayer Job ID: jec2376f45c8e401d953e8d60edac3494 : {"messageCode": "AO_100020", "message": "EnrichLayer failed."} Failed to execute (EnrichLayer).

Anyone know why this would be happening?  I've called tech support multiple times but had no success.  Hoping someone here might be able to provide some insight.


Portal for ArcGIS 10.8.1 (own server)

ArcGIS Server 10.8.1 (own server)

Web Adaptor 10.81 (own server)

NetScaler fronting all requests


Jim L.

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