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08-04-2017 02:10 AM
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We're about to launch an internal Portal site with a couple of main apps that we want to direct initial users towards. We're keeping what they can do on the site down to a bare minimum and will roll out more of the Portal functionality over time.  One behaviour that we've just noticed is when searching for content with a phrase such as "esri" - which returns 645 items - see attached screenshot.

Results from searching on esri in Portal

It looks as if the search is returning a lot of internal items such as regional variations for each of the different Story Map templates.  When you click on the content owner these appear to be some sort of internal ghost accounts rather than Portal members.

I know the likelihood of users searching on something like esri is probably quite low but we'd prefer it if these items didn't get returned at all in any searches and instead only content that we'd approved via the standard sharing mechanisms were shown.

There is an option to exclude some system users from the results of searches in the advanced Portal options config file at 

<Portal for ArcGIS installation directory>\customizations\<version number>\webapps\arcgis#home\js\esri\arcgisonline\config.js

However it only seems to be effective with the five system accounts listed below.

systemUsers: ["esri_nav","system_publisher", "esri_livingatlas", "esri_boundaries", "esri_demographics"], // on-premise Portal list of system users to filter out of user searches

If we try adding one of the regional Story Map owner accounts such as esri_et and then restart the Portal it doesn't make any difference and their content still appears. I suspect that it is something to with the fact that if we list all Portal users via the ArcGIS API for Python we only see those five system accounts and not the regional ones.

If I try to change the sharing on one of the items so that they aren't visible to general users then I only get the option to share with groups that I own (even as an admin) rather than the Everyone and Portal options that you get with "normal" Portal content items.

Sharing options on Portal item

Is there another way to get around this such as deleting the regional templates from the Portal apps directory?



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Same question still no answer. Esri ??

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I'm not sure if this is new at 10.6 and above or we just didn't manage to find the setting in 10.5.1 but we found a way to turn off this content using the Portal Admin Directory.


You'll find the option to uncheck all the other languages that you don't want to appear in content searches.

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Hi Gareth, there's also the option linked below under 'disable external content' that will hide the following so that they aren't searchable:

  • All basemaps owned by "esri_[lang]"
  • All content owned by "esri_nav"
  • All content owned by "esri"

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