Remove "Classic" apps from Portal

03-24-2022 05:02 PM
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Curious if it’s possible to remove certain “classic” apps from Portal 10.9.1 without negatively impacting any existing “classic” apps of that type?  E.g. we’d like to dissuade our Portal users from building a “Dashboard Classic” vs using Dashboard by removing the option without impacting an existing classic dashboard app.  I’d like to have an option to do the same thing for Map Viewer Classic.  I’m aware that it’s possible to set the default to the “new” Map Viewer, formerly Map Viewer Beta, for all users, but then a user can change this in their own setttings.  Is it possible to remove the ability for users to revert to defaulting to Map Viewer Classic?  Likewise, is all or some of this possible in AGOL? 

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That's a good idea!

Strangely I'd like to go the other way...until the analysis tools appear in the new Map Viewer in AGOL. 

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