Remove null service from Portal

07-09-2019 02:34 AM
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I am wondering if someone can assist me.

We have enterprise ArcGIS v10.7.0 services.


Due to probably a lack of disk space, some service could be published correctly, and those services appeared in ArcGIS server but didn't in Portal. 

I have removed these services in ArcGIS server manager but some service item folders were not removed completely in portal folder and they were still picked up in below rest service.



I have followed below steps and restarted Portal and ArcGIS sevices.


What I see now is null for the services I have removed.


How can I delete them completely from our system?


Any advice on this will be very much appreciated.


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U can delete that null item throw "Delete Items" in "Supported Operations:" Menu at the bottom, simply paste the item id's with a comma.


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I have the same problem and it is not possible to remove the items using the sharing endpoint. I would guess that it is something that is still in the Postgre DB store for the Portal that will not allow it self to be removed.

Anyone that know of any tool that can check trough the portal for null item and remove them by force?

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I am also facing the same issue. Got any solution to remove the null items from Portal?

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Did you find a resolution for this?

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