Remove Living Atlas Content From Portal 10.5

01-30-2017 08:02 AM
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We've recently done a new installation of Portal 10.5 on Windows and most things are working as expected. The one exception is the Living Atlas Content which we'd like to completely remove from the Portal as it will potentially distract our users from our organisation's content.

According to the instructions it should just be a case of going to My Organization > Edit Settings > ArcGIS Online and then making sure that the box next to "Access Living Atlas content in your portal" is unchecked.  However we've tried this a couple of times and the setting seems to have no affect - the content keeps appearing in the Gallery and Map/Scene viewers. I have also tried enabling the content and then disabling, but get the same result.

Before I log it with ESRI support I just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced a similar issue?



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Ok if I'd read the instructions a little more closely I would have noticed that it is still visible for administrators.

So if I log in as a non-admin user the Living Atlas content has gone but I still get quite a few references to the Living Atlas which I think looks a little messy.

For example in the Gallery the default tab is the Esri Featured Content (doesn't seem to be an option to change this) which is just empty so why have the tab in there at all if I've chosen to disable the Living Atlas?

Portal Gallery default tab

Then in the map viewer the Browse Living Atlas option is still available under the Add button but returns nothing so why not just remove it from the interface? Ditto for having it listed as one of the options to search for?

Search Living Atlas layers

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Workaround for the Empty gallery tab

    1. Log in as an administrator to <portal URL>/<portal web adaptor>/sharing/portals/self
    2. Click "Update" at the bottom of the page
    3. In the Region section, set the value to "WO". This is a value that does not exist within the sharing API and should reset the livingAtlasGroupQuery
    4. Click Update Organization at the bottom 
    5. Log out and log back into Portal --> the Esri Featured Content tab should have disappeared from the Gallery

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Thanks Dan. I'll wait and see if they get sorted in the next service pack.

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