Portal for ArcGIS and Wordpress Integration

03-10-2017 03:06 AM
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I wonder if anyone has experience of integrating Wordpress with Portal, such that Portal user credentials can be exchanged with a Wordpress site?

As further explanation, I envisage setting up a Wordpress site for a project. When users log in they will be able to access a Web GIS application (from a menu link) secured via Portal, but I don't want them to have to submit a username and password again. Preferably, this could all go through Active Directory, and I know that there are AD plugins for Wordpress.


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I’ve been wanting to integrate WP and ESRI, or Microsoft for that matter, for years.  Should be easier now with the WP API, just have no time to start that project.  In my research I have come across this company, Wordpress and Drupal for Sharepoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Azure AD and Dynamics CRM - Web Portals for ... , which might help.  If you continue down this track, ping me so we can share notes.  Thanks,

Sean Stasio

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Geo-Jobe offers a free wordpress plugin for public webmaps, and their Pro version integrates with your portal account.  I'm not certain if it covers all of your requirements but take a look and see! 


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