Remove/Add Active Directory Users From ArcGIS Portal

02-01-2018 11:50 AM
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I have ArcGIS Portal setup to use Active Directory for authentication. I can add remove users fine and everything is working great.

1) I added users to an AD group. I can add the group to the Portal and ALL the users show up. E.g. Add one group with 5 users and every individual user in the group shows up. I want to remove all of the people in the group but cannot figure out how to do it. I want to remove the group and have all corresponding users go away as well, or change the permissions on the AD group I have added.

2) I have added the AD group to Portal. I would like it so when a user is added to the AD group they have access without having to do anything in Portal. This seems like it should be default behavior, but based on the previous question adding a user to the AD group does not seem to automatically grant them access to the Portal. How would this work.

Thank you.

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Did you ever find a solution?


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Have you tried to configure your Portal Automatic Account Creation? As long as they are in Active Directory, an account will be created upon attempt to log in/ access content.

Automatic Registration of Enterprise Accounts 

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