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Related Tables not connecting to Feature in Portal?

05-09-2023 03:15 AM
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I am looking to get more insight into related tables as they pertain to ESRI Portal. Maybe I am attempting to access them incorrectly, but I can access my Feature Layer from a datastore that I sync when updates are made. I am attempting to write a basic popup in a webmap where my "General Plan" feature layer accesses a "URL" field in my "General Plan Table", but when I attempt to write the code I am not seeing the ability to access FeatureSetByRelationship.

Does the datastore not provide the access I need and do I need to publish this layer separately in order to gain the ability to access FeatureSetByRelationship.

Thank you.

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I am attempting the same thing. I was able to get the link to generate in ArcPro, but when I publish it to my Portal, all of a sudden it can not handle the same expression..

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Sorry I had to replace the code as it was not correct.

Anyways, This process is working for me in the following scenarios:

  1.  Publish a Map Image Layer from ArcPro for use in WebApp
  2. Creating a WebMap from a Datastore Feature Service
var gisportal = ('');
var relatedrecords = FeatureSetByPortalItem(Portal(gisportal), 

// Filter related features by using a common attribute
var zone = $feature.CC_ZoneCod
var filterStatement = 'ZoneCode = @zone'

// Related features as a variable
var relatedData = Filter(relatedrecords, filterStatement)

// Build the pop-up string by iterating through all related features
var popupString = ''
for (var f in relatedData){
    popupString += f.URL

DefaultValue(popupString, '')

I am not too knowledgeable in DataStores & how they communicate to related tables in Enterprise / AGOL, but I successfully implemented this to basically do the exact task you mention.


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To add on to my previous response, after reading, Show Tables

It states: 


To create a feature layer that contains related records, you must publish the layer from ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap.


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