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Related items keep being automatically shared to distributed collaboration group

04-26-2023 11:42 AM
New Contributor

Our organization has hosted feature layers in our enterprise portal (v. 10.9.1) that are shared to a distributed collaboration. We recently used those hosted feature layers to publish map image layers for a separate project (see below).


The resulting related map image layers were only shared to the project-related group. However, every time the distributed collaboration syncs (hourly), the map image layers are automatically shared to the distributed collaboration group that their source hosted feature layers are shared to. I have tried un-sharing the map image layers from the distributed collaboration group multiple times.

The hosted feature layers are shared to other groups beyond the distributed collaboration, but the distributed collaboration group is the only one where the related map image layers keep getting re-shared with the hourly sync. I do not want these map image layers shared with the distributed collaboration, and it results in the following error messages: 


Is there a way to prevent these related map image layers from being automatically shared to the distributed collaboration group? 

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