migration of services from AGOL to Portal

04-21-2023 09:23 AM
by Anonymous User
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we have  recently  upgraded our single server environment to a full enterprise deployment. We also have AGOL but are looking to move away from being dependent on AGOL and using Portal more.  I was wondeirng outside of the migration ways below is there anything else that is useful when migrating services and layers from AGOL to Portal


1 Use API to  move services

2. manual migration of services and republishing them in Portal environment.

3. AGOL Assistnat (although in this one you can  only  change  web maps and apps no feature layers)


outside of this is there anything else someone recommends or any help out there than this?  thanks 

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Hello @Anonymous User ,

As per my understanding, there is no fixed or outlined way to perform such migration. Hence, you may have to utilize a mix and match of options available at hand.

This process does require a lot of considerations and evaluation/testing prior to deciding a final strategy depending on different types of item.

However, I did find few articles which can help you get started on this and probably help you decide a proper strategy. Kindly find the blog URLs below:

Hope it helps!

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