rasterization of layers when exporting to illustrator

05-04-2011 10:04 AM
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I am having a problem in arcmap 10 where when I export a layout that has multiple rasters to illustrator from an mxd, it is flattening or rasterizing all raster layers, even if there is no transparency set for any of the layers in the mxd. I thought that in 9.3 I exported layouts that had more than one active raster layer, and all was good as long as I none of my layers had transparency > 0. Am I misremembering, and it has always been that all layers below the first raster listed in the TOC get flattened?  If in fact you should be able to export multiple raster to ai format without flattening them all, I welcome any suggestions you might have.

Thanks- JD
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I'm having this issue but don't think I have any of the things you mentioned -- no transparency and the raster layer is on the bottom. How do I know if I have a bitmap symbol?
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