Display Different Values in the Same Field Differently

06-09-2011 08:27 AM
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In my St_Cline layer, I have a field called TMP (Transpo Master Plan). Each segment of my centerlines are labeled 'LS' (local street), 'CS' (collector street), 'PA' (primary arterial), and so forth in this field.

Is there a way I can assign one color and line weight to the PAs, a different color an/or weight to the CSs, etc. without splitting them into different shapefiles?
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goto Layer Properties/Symbology and select Categories. Select value field and click "Add all values". Now you should see all your street types and you can assign different styles to them if you click on the symbols. Click on "Advanced/Symbol Levels" to assign symbol levels. Click "About Symbol Levels" for more info.

Hope that helps,

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