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06-06-2011 01:11 PM
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So I've got a hurdle in my GIS work world and I am wondering if anyone knows how to tackle it.

I need to be able to use the PIE symbology in a way where it ALWAYS shows 8 pie slices.

Currently at my work I have 8 endpoints (Ceriodaphnia dubia - Survival, Ceriodaphnia dubia - reproduction, Chironomus dilutus - Survival etc.). At one station there is a "Not Toxic" or "Toxic" assigned to each of the previously mentioned endpoints. I need the pie to always have 8 pie pieces so that the same pie piece (locationally) always represents the same endpoint regardless of what is, or isn't toxic. Currently arcmap 9.3 lets me involve all 8 endpoints but will only show me the ones that are "Toxic" and leaves out the ones that are not toxic, so my pie sometimes has 2 pieces, sometimes 5, I need it to always be 8 pieces.

This task has been completed by a previous GIS worker here way back when they were using arc 3. I have found the scripts he used, but it was written in Arcview Avenue language and I don't believe that is easily transferable into ArcView 9.3 which is using VBA or python.

So in conclusion, I need 8 pie pieces all the time, either being red for toxic or white for not toxic....

HELP! let me know if you need more info and I will gladly share thanks for any input!
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Afraid I can't help with the script, but if you are really stuck you could use the ESRI wedges font to create symbols.

First go to and download the Esri_Wedges font.

Use the font to create an eight part pie chart symbol.

Add 8 copies of your Featureclass to the ToC, one for each endpoint type. Then colour up each type by toxic, non-toxic etc. Attached is a screen grab of a 4 part pie chart I quickly mocked up.
It will be a pig of a job but it's all that comes to mind at the moment, sorry!
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