python overwrite hosted feature layer job fails, layer no longer accessible

11-23-2020 01:51 PM
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I have a python script that has been running fine for a few months. The other day the job blew up for some reason (can't figure out why) and now I can even update my HFL by hand. There's no data showing, can't hit a rest endpoint, getting permission errors.

It is powering a dashboard. How do I get it back?

The containing process for 'System/PublishingToolsEx' job 'j5b3205d51ec7499cbdd4233652807f44' has crashed.

Error getting service.

Unable to process request. Service Hosted/XXXXX/MapServer not found

User does not have permissions to access 'hosted/XXXXX.mapserver'.


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Hi Eric,

Can you try restarting ArcGIS Server and manually republish the data by overwriting the existing hosting feature service? It seems as though the feature layer has become corrupted, and I am wondering if a fresh version of the service will resolve the issue.



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How exactly do I "manually republish the data by overwriting the existing hosting feature service" without screwing it up and decoupling it from my dashboard?

I restarted my ArcGIS Server machine and tried the 'Update Data > Overwrite Entire Layer' button, and nothing was different...but I don't think that's what you meant.

The HFL was created by uploading a GDB as a zip file and then publishing the HFL from it.

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