Problems with X,Y coordinate outputs in geocoding- projection issue?

08-03-2011 12:33 PM
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Hoping someone can help!

I am trying to geocode a file with an X,Y output for a project. I have no issues with the geocoding process itself, but when I open up my attribute table after geocoding the X,Y values are all wrong. For instance, one of my locations is listed as 1421725.91444, 600663.64611.

I tried messing with the Calculate Geometry function and those sorts of coordinates are all I get when I try and convert the coordinates into Decimal Degrees.

I'm using the NAD 1983 StatePlane Maryland FIPS 1900 Feet projection. I've tried using other projections like UTM but I keep getting the same exact results for the X,Y coordinates. I've modified both the projection of the geocoded shapefile as well as the centerline file (and I've rebuilt the Address Locator each time). Nothing helps.

Is there something really blatantly obvious that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance.
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I haven't used the geocoder, so I can speculate only on what's happening.

I believe the shapefile itself, as you said, is using NAD 1983 StatePlane Maryland FIPS 1900 (feet). Is it officially defined? When you use Calculate Geometry, try these steps.

1. Add the data to ArcMap.
2. Set the data frame's coordinate system to NAD 1983.
3. Calculate Geometry and use the data frame's coordinate system. That should enable the unit pull-down and it should default to decimal degrees.

Another option is to project (not define projection) the data to a new shapefile using NAD 1983 and then calculate geometry using this data's coordinate system.

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I'm still getting the same results. I'm just going to use ArcGIS's 10.0 Online geocoder rather than the locator provided to me by the local government. Fewer issues!

Thanks for your reply though!
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