Problem with snapping in layout view

03-14-2012 09:40 AM
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I am creating a map template and noticed a problem between sizes of graphic boxes when using snapping to guides.
I have 2 mxds and graphic boxes in each that should be the same size.  I was manually setting size and width of graphic boxes via the properties dialogue box as well as snapping to guide lines when i noticed a discrepancy between the 2 graphics boxes in the different mxds.

I first set guide lines in the layout view to a height of 30cm and a width of 45cm using the set guide option when right clicking a ruler in the layout view. 
I also set guide lines to 0 cm and 0cm. 
I then placed a graphic box in the layout and adjusted the box by snapping the sides of the graphic box to the guide lines at 0cm 30cm and 45cm.
When I clicked on the properties of the box to change the symbology I noticed that the height and width of the box was not 30cm and 45cm but they were now 30cm and 45.0004cm. 
So I manually tried to set the size of the box through the properties diaglogue box to 30cm and 45cm. 
When I did this I noticed that the lines of the box were no longer exactly on the guides that I had set to 30cm and 45cm.
I checked the properties again and the size was now 30cm by 45cm and the location was still x-0 y-0.
So I zoomed way up on on of the line that was set at 45cm and I notcied that the line was not sitting on the guide line that was set at 45cm but was slightly short of it.  See "Guide_Image_1.jpeg"
The dashed blue line in the image is the extent of the graphic box.  The dotted blue line is the guide line set at 45cm.

Why is there a difference here?
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Added note: I have only been able to get this to occur when using Centimeters as the unit of measurement for layout view.
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