Problem with displaying matched and unmatched features on Portal

09-06-2022 03:25 AM
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I have a problem with geocoding locations from the table. Table do not have UPRNs, just addresses. I added the table by " Add in" ( through the content) and used our corporate locator based on Gazetteer. Table has been loaded and geocoded. Some records haven't been matched. I understand that. Then when I go to review the table only records which show on the map are reviewed one. I can't see matched records until I review them one by one. Which is pointless. I reviewed 137 unmatched points and only them show on the map (from 1070). Additionally when I try to export the table  which has all of the records, it exporting only 137 ( reviewed ) but ignoring the rest (matched). 

Is there any solution to it? 

Thank you, 


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