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04-14-2015 11:21 AM
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  Im trying to install portal and the webadaptor on the same machine as our ArcGIS Server (10.3) The install of portal was fine and I can access the site with  https://MachineName.domain,com:7443/arcgis/home.    When I install the webadaptor  I also get no errors but when I access the site without the port number specified (https://MachineName.domain,com/arcgis/home) I get the message:

We are using an IIS webserver with all the neccessary ports open, SSL enables and bound to port 80 and 443 with a self signed certificate.

I am not IT person so my familarity with this is kinda low.  I've followed the esri documentation much as possible but cant seem to resovle this. So close yet so far! Any ideas to point me in the right direction?

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Hi Jason,

Do you also have the web adaptor installed for ArcGIS Server?  A common mistake I make is specifying the web adaptor for ArcGIS Server rather than the web adaptor for Portal.  For example, the web adaptor for Portal for ArcGIS is named 'portal' on my server.  So, I access portal using the following URL:


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Hi Jake,

I initially tried naming the webadaptor portal as well but I got the same results so I thought it would be best to leave the defaults until I can work out the issue.  I have a feeling that is has something to do with the way I set up the ssl on IIS or because I installed portal on the same machine as ArcGIS Server.


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I too made the mistake and used the same web adapter address for both portal and arcgis server.  When I went back to fix it, I had to uninstall ALL web adaptors, reboot and verify in IIS that they were now not listed as virtual directories in the root of the default website. 

Then, I went back through and setup 1 for ArcGIS Server (/arcgis) and 1 for Portal (/portal).  After that, everything played nice together on the same machine.

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Just as Kyle mentioned, you should deploy TWO separate webadaptors: one for ArcGIS and one for PORTAL and the URL's for each service should reflect that:

https://MachineName.domain,com/arcgis - For ArcGIS  Rest, webadmin
https://MachineName.domain,com/portal/home - For Portal for ArcGIS homepage



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