Portal Map Contents List Missing

11-30-2020 08:52 PM
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Some of our web maps are missing the contents. 

Where does it get the content list from i.e. is this something that is stored in a file / database somewhere?

Is there anyway to update the contents, short of republishing the whole map?



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Hello @DeanHowell1 ,

The web map JSON determines which portal items are consumed in the web map. Can you confirm if the items that should be in the web map still exist in portal? I would also recommend taking a look at item ownership and sharing for missing items. 

You can also use a tool called ArcGIS Online assistance to view the web map item JSON.

ArcGIS Online Assistant 

We don't support this tool directly and I would recommend caution if you plan to make any changes the web map JSON directly. That said it may help you determine why the web map is missing content.