Portal HA 10.8.1 DB Issues

04-13-2022 05:46 AM
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We have Portal HA 10.81, Portal 1 (Primary) and Portal 2 (standby) were interchange for their behavior for P2 to become primary and P1 to be standby , after running this scenario for almost 24 hrs, the old scenario was restored again P1 to become primary and P2 to be standby . due to this the below issues in the portal logs were identified.


SEVERE HA: Unable to create trigger file C:\arcgisportal\db\promote.dat, database cannot be promoted.

Please needs a solution to resolve this.


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Please refer to High Availability in ArcGIS Enterprise .  Pay very close attention to the prerequisite environment requirements.  If you even think that you may not meet the prerequisite requirements don't use Portal HA.

In the past, my attempt to use Portal HA in my datacenter computing environment created LESS availability and MORE administrative overhead because the data transport timing tolerances for Portal HA communication were mismatched with my actual computing infrastructure performance and availability.

I reverted back to a single Portal in non-HA and INCREASED availability.

Not quantitative data, but I've spoken to no less than three other ArcGIS Enterprise administrators that have also realized LESS availability in their environments with Portal HA.

In a perfect world with a perfect supporting computing environment Portal HA might work great.  I accept the real world over the perfect world though.

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