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02-25-2015 01:41 AM
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Hi everyone;


We created a GIS portal for our company 3 months ago, almost everything works fine. But today, while we are checking the some properties of our WebApp map we detected an interesting thing like that;


When we click on the WebApp map where any symbolgy of the layer, yes the info popup shows up the informations clearly and ordered like 1of4, 2of4, 3of4 and 4of4, but we don't know the order.


So, I would like to know that "Which order does the info popup window show the informations to us? How can we arrange the information order?


Thank you so much for your valuable helps.

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it is not possible. Please see this Technical article: 45182 - Is it possible to specify the order of pop-ups in a web map if there are multiple features i...


Vladimir Holubec

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