Portal for ArcGIS Resize Popup Windows

11-27-2017 07:03 PM
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In Portal for ArcGIS is there a way to resize the attributes pop-up window apart from the 'maximize' or default option? 

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Dean,

It is currently not possible to adjust the size of pop ups in a web map. However, there is a project underway to rework pop-ups in ArcGIS Online that "should roll out sometime in 2018". Once these changes are applied in ArcGIS Online, they will also be migrated to Portal for ArcGIS in a future release.

FYI, please vote for this enhancement on the Ideas site,


Hope this helps,

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Thanks Derek. Very much appreciated and have voted and commented on the idea.

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Hi Derek,

Any idea if the roll out is still planned for this year? Would be great!

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So this was actually planned in 2018. As far as I know, it's still not rolled out.
Maybe in JS API v4 in the new Map Viewer and Experience builder?

I guess it'll never be rolled out for We bAppBuilder?