Portal for Arcgis custom metadata profile

04-02-2018 04:26 PM
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In Portal for ArcGIS, I see under My Organization > Edit Settings > Item Details the following metadata profiles exist:

  • FGDC CSDGM Metadata
  • INSPIRE Metadata Directive
  • ISO 19139 Metadata ImplementationSpecification GML3.2
  • ISO 19139 Metadata ImplementationSpecification
  • North American Profile of ISO19115 2003

Is it possible to configure Portal for ArcGIS to manage a customized metadata profile? If so, how?

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Interesting question.

There are many standard and metadata profile implementations (ie INSPIRE in Europe has different members's states impementaions).

I made the same question ant they said that actually you can only add your custom metadata profile in Geoportalserver but it's not possible in agol- enterprise.

I thnk that this is the BIG GAP and ArcGIS enterprise should integrate  a new-geoportal server or add customization functionalities, at leats  to local/national distributors so they  could implement /offer a solution to thei re local customers.