Maping and visualizing light meter data

08-25-2010 07:50 AM
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I have a project that I am working with and need a bit of help. 

I have a database with just over 2000 data points consisting of GPS coordinates and light meter readings (in LUX).  I need to create a map that displays this data in a graphical format (photometrics) as opposed to 2000 data points.

I was hoping that the Solar Radiation - Point Solar Radiation tool would do this for me, but further investigation shows that this may not be the best tool to use.

I have the database connected to a layer on my map and can view all data points on the map.  The info tool shows the data associated with each point (Time, date, coordinates, meter readings).

My backup plan is to use GE and draw a 1M shaded circle for each data point.  The color of the shading will vary with each data point.  This is a rather brute force way of doing what I need to do, but in the end should produce the desired output.  But I would much rather use ESRI to do this.  Why beat it with a hammer, when I can use a scalpel to do the same thing..

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You could let the symbology be dependent upon the quantities within your meter readings attribute field; i.e. the larger the lux reading the larger the symbol etc.  You could do this with a color ramp, too so the color varies with intensity reflecting the lux reading - if the readings are not that different, you can log them.  Play around in the Symbology >> Multiple Attributes area of your data layer.  You could also make each value a bar whose length depends on lux Symbology >> Charts.
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Hi, Jim.

Hoe did you end up doing? I need to do the photometric analysis of some streetlight and I am wondering the best tool to do this.

Thank you.

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