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Portal for ArcGIS: Controlling access to certain layer when published as feature layer

07-26-2021 09:31 PM
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Hi all,

I've published a feature layer as a map service from ArcMap into ArcGIS Enterprise portal. In the feature layer consists of many layers. Can i hide certain layers in the feature layer from being viewed by others except the data owner? Let say, i want to hide 2 out of 10 layers from being viewed by other people. I know there is the share button in the overview tab of the published feature layer, but if I change the setting using the 'share' function, the setting will also apply to all of the layers.

Thank you. Looking forward for any suggestions and solutions. Have a nice day ahead.

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as far as I am aware, seems not achievable with ArcGIS Enterprise .

**Item** is the smallest element for **sharing**.  In your case, the feature layer is already an item unless dividing those layers into separated items which is probably not what you're after. 



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Suggest when preparing to share data via services in ArcGIS Enterprise, work backwards from the intended audience/use case before creating the service(s).  This approach lets you determine the sharing and access permission guidelines before service creation.  Although it is often easier/faster to aggregate data in a single or few services, you've already identified how doing so influences the sharing and access control later on.

Here's one idea.  Assuming you are talking about hosted feature services in your registered data store, have you tried creating views in Enterprise portal from your single aggregated service and sharing those views to those that have access need?

Another option and the model we use:  More work for publishers up front but also more flexible for sharing and access control later on is to publish more services with less aggregation to support the sharing model.

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I am not 100% sure about this but you may be able to create a layer view with a subset of the data you need. Then share that appropriately. 

Create hosted feature layer views—Portal for ArcGIS | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise



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