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Portal for ArcGIS 10.8.1 Transfer Questions

12-14-2021 05:47 AM
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Hello, professionals,


I have a problem with Portal for ArcGIS 10.8.1. 

I cannot connect to my enterprise portal on ArcGIS Pro with my enterprise URL.

I cannot sign in with my enterprise account when the window as below appears.

Therefore, I cannot publish my layers to the portal.



I cannot open storymaps on portal as well. It shows me a loading icon as below.


The developer window says "The application has to be accessed through a web server. Consult user guide for detail."

The issue happened after I transferred the portal and server machine.

I got new machines: one for the portal and one for the server.

I connect to the portal using the same domain as previous. 


I believe the problem is occurring because the domain cannot return the designated ip address(the portal).

I am wondering what I can check for the domain application issues.

What I've checked is..

- that I can publish 2D feature layers by "adding a geodatabase" on the portal contents page.

- that contents are shown on web maps and web scenes.

- All of the datastores are validated.

- that I cannot add 3D feature on the portal by adding a geodatabase on contents page.

- 80 and 443 Ports are open.



Please let me know what I can do.

Thank you so much.

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You mentioned that you have moved your portal and server deployments to two new machines. Is the federation working ok? Have you validated your server?

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Hi, Frank. Thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately, the federation doesn't work. Now I am able to sign in the portal on ArcGIS Pro, but when I try to "Share As Web Layer", I see "Federated server not available" error message.

I am trying to re-do the portal folder transfer from the previous machine to the new machine.

Do you have any idea?


Thank you so much.

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Ok, so what's the error message when you federate the server with portal? The steps for performing federation can be found here (see 'Add a server site' part) .

Testing of publication/sharing are only meaningful after you have successfully federate the portal and serve.  

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Thank you for the guide. 

I think there are some ultimate issues related to the network.

Now I am able to sign in portal on ArcGIS Pro, but I cannot publish feature layers to the portal.

I am trying to copy and paste all the folders under "arcgisportal" to re-do the transfer.

I will update here when the problem is solved..


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No worries. You can find the content migration guide here.  And you will probably need to first copy the portal content to a shared location that both between old and new machines can visit first, check step 1 of  Migrate a machine running Portal for ArcGIS. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions.