Portal Error: Cannot find KML file

06-09-2021 05:52 PM
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Just need a little help to understand why this is happening and if there is a solution someone has found to resolve this issue.

Currently I am running the ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 software and want to build a Web Map that will then be rendered using the ArcGIS JS API. When I load a KML file into the ArcGIS Portal it loads without an issue allowing me to open that data inside a the Map Viewer.

The error that I am getting is "File not found. Wrong url or out of memory." and the error occurs when I save that data to a Web Map and attempt to load that web map with the ArcGIS JS API.  Using the following code:

      esriConfig.portalUrl = "https://xxxxxx/portal";
const portal = new Portal();
const webmap = new WebMap({
portalItem: {
id: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

const view = new MapView({
container: mapDiv.current,
map: webmap

 Attached is an image of the error.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

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