Portal asking for server credentials when I opening an unsecure service in a WebMap

04-11-2018 03:14 AM
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Hello everyone,

I try to include a feature layer and a MapLayer in a web map in the Portal, It works but when I try to open the web map the Portal asks for my server credentials.  
The service is not secure and should not ask me credentials. I tried to following esri configurations advice :

-   added my arcgis server in "trusted server" setting,

-   modification of the "Webcontext" setting in the portal

but i still have the same problem.

We are working with versions 10.4 of the Portal and 10.3.1 of the Arcgis Server (They are not federated).
Maybe there is a configure error somewhere?  Any help is appreciated


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Salut Emilien,

I believe that you may be running into a known bug which was addressed at 10.4. Are your Portal and ArcGIS Server on the same machine? If so, the following may be the problem...


'The map viewer prompts for credentials when adding an unsecured map service layer from an unfederated ArcGIS Server running on the same machine.'


J'espère que ça t'aidera un peu!

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