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02-10-2014 07:46 AM
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I am attempting to display areas which overlap using a defined symbology. I have over 5 categories which I would like to identify areas of overlap between one-another. If category B overlaps category C, I would like this area to have a specific colour associated with it. Transparency does not work as it is difficult to identify what colour is being displayed.

I have considered using the raster calculator to identify areas which overlap, but I am unaware if there is a way to identify which polygons, or categories, are overlapping (I understand I can identify areas that overlap, and how many times they do, but am not sure if you can specify the program to identify which areas and polygons overlap).

I would like the end result to show which polygons belonging to their respective categories overlap, and then use symbology to colour the resulting areas accordingly. Thank you in advance.

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Hello Matthew,
It sounds as though the union tool may give you what you require. It will merge the polygons while retaining their attributes, so you could symbolize based on the unique attribute combinations (you may need to calculate a column for this).
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