Ortho Maker cannot calculate Cut and Fill

10-20-2020 08:34 AM
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I created DSM, DTM and Ortho Mosaic after complete adjusting steps etc for two different times:

Left one is before and right one is after orthomosaic. What I want to do is to find Cut and Fill volume. By the way this operations takes 9 hours in ArcGIS Pro. Anyway,

There is shiny Calculate Volume button which supposed to calculate cut and fill operations in AOI. As you may know, Ortho Maker wants you to configure orthoelevation service before use it. I choose ArcGIS Online 3D Image service.

In this "Calculate Volume" dialog, there is no option to select before / after orthomosaic. So that this uses ArcGIS Elevation service. Why.. Why anyone would want to use it? Why? I mean this is the key point of this product to find cut fill using 2 different times of orthomosaic or DSM whatever. Every page of orthomaker says he can do calculate volume (Only with its elevation service, it appears)

I set my time1 DSM product service as orthoelevation service in settings. Nothing changes.

tldr: How can i find cut fill for 2 different times in Ortho Maker?

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