Oauth2 - Access application resources

06-24-2020 11:41 PM
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Using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8, we have added a new item – Application – to a users content.


This generates an Application item, with an App ID and APP Secret, along with App type and redirect URIs defined.

These can be used to generate an access token via the OAUTH2 token endpoint.



using the parameters :






ESRI States in their documentation:

“Successful authentication directly returns a JSON response containing the access token that allows the application to work with resources that are accessible to the application (that is, have been shared with the application). Use of the client_secret as previously described is mandatory.”


Question is: how do we share resources with the application?


The overall goal is to grant an external application (unknown user) access to portal ressources (ie.a layer item) via OAUTH2 app login.

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