Nothing Visible in Layout View

07-28-2011 08:42 AM
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ArcMap 10.0, SP 2, single user installation, Win 7 machine

I assemble the features I want to show in a map in Data View and toggle to Layout View.  When I toggle from Data View to Layout View, I see absolutely none of my data.  The only thing visible is a white background with a couple of guide lines you use to set your picture frame or align text.  I toggle back to Data View, and all my data is still there, just as I left it.  I just can???t see any of it in Layout.

While I???m in Layout View, if I ???Zoom To??? one of the features in the Table of Contents, nothing seems to happen (i.e., nothing about what I???m seeing in Layout View appears to change).  When I then toggle back to Data View, I find that I have in fact ???Zoomed To??? whatever it was I asked it to Zoom To.

I???m just not able to see anything in Layout View and therefore can???t make a map.  Any thoughts?
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I have had similar problems...I solved it by opening a second, blank mxd and dragging/dropping layers from TOC to TOC. When done, shut down first mxd and use "save as" to replace it.

It's been a long time, but I think the problem was a corrupt mxd. You can replace it other ways, that's just how I did it.

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