multiples symbols in the same layer

07-26-2011 01:22 PM
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Can someone help me to create multiples symbols for the same layer please? basically I have created a layer for individual burial sites but I also need to add the gender and the orientation of the burial for each of them. I tried to add the same layer twice and then move one of them with with a different symbol but when i try to add the same layer for the third time and move it with yet a different symbol, it moves the last two layers at the same time one on the top of the other. Please help!
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If there is not alot of burial sites close together, you could try symbolizing the burials and then using multiple stacked labels to represent the gender and orientation.

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You could try converting your symbology to a representation. 
Right click your point feature > Convert symbology to representation.
Then right click your new representation > Symbology tab > Under rule one > Add a new marker layer.  You can add as many as you like.
Change to desired symbology symbology and add an offset if you want it to be visible.  I have attached a screenshot of a simple example.

Hope this helps!:cool:
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why not color by gender and rotated (layer properties > symbology > advanced > rotate) to match orientation?
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