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10-18-2017 05:53 AM
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Hi, I want to know what is the beat way to configure an ArcGis solution with multiple Portals. My organization have many departments that need their own portal and I want them to be using the same Arcgis server, Web adaptor and Data store. I did some testing but I don't know if I'm on the good path. I've installed 3 portal on 3 different servers, created 3 webadaptors (Portal) and 3 WA (server) for each on the same Web server, I have 1 arcgis server and 1 datastore. This looks to be working fine .. but I can't federate my Arcgis server with the 3 portals, only for one works, Is this a limitation or I shouldn't be federating any servers in that architecture, or is their a better way to do this ?? Thank you for your help, didn't find any documentation for this kind of architecture.

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Rather than 3 Portals, why not use Groups and security measures?

There's also the GEO-Jobe tool, Mapfolio, that lets you build different landing pages for different groups.

Your sharing the same server & datastore so it sounds like all you want to do is separate out access and sharing?

-Paul Davidson

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for a fast answer.

I might have to check this path. Actually our departments are all on Arcgis Online.. and they all have their landing page, identity store etc .. we want to bring them back in the organization and give them the same feel ..

I did not know about Mapfolio .. looks very interesting ..

Thanks a lot ..


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There isn't a way to federate a Server with separate Portals.  You may need to add the services as referenced items to each Portal, or perhaps somehow extend collaborations to achieve what you want to do.