Multilayer Basemap for 3D-Scenes in ArcGIS Portal BasemapGallery possible?

10-16-2020 07:32 AM
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In our ArcGIS Portal (10.8.1) we use own/custom basemap-gallery for the maps and scenes.

Recently I discovered the "multilayer-basemap" possibility, a way to get multilayer-basemaps into the basemap-gallery.

(Choose basemap—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation - Publish a web-layer with the features, new map with the MapService, move to "basemap", define map as selectable basemap, tada  )

That works perfectly, if I open a new map, that multilayer-basemap is selectable from the basemap-gallery.

However if I switch to "Scenes", I can not select that multilayer-basemap.

Why? I'm a bit lost.... is it beacuse the MapImageLayer is "Cache: dynamic from data" and thats not compatible with scene basemaps requirements ? Or should it work and I did something wrong in the workflow?

The usecase: 2 basemaps "Satellite" and "Hybrid". Hybrid is basically the satellite image + some vector data on top. Therefore I would rather not cache RasterTiles for the satelllite image two times... since its exactly the same appart from the "on top vector data"... with multilayer-basemaps that would be solved  and the "cache: dynamic from data" would result in always "up to date" vector-data in the hybrid basemap.

I'm aware that it would work with a vector tile cache... but I'm curious about the MapImageLayer

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