Measured grid labels not displaying for a rotated data frame

01-06-2014 02:07 PM
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This issue appears to have been around quite a while; has anybody made any headway on addressing this? I'm using Data Driven Pages so simply adding the grid coordinates I want as graphical elements is not a viable workaround for me here. Please see below for a link to an unresolved bug which apparently addresses this issue, as well as a subsequent reference to this bug in the old forums.

Bug NIM-042990
grid labels disappear
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I am also having this problem. It looks like it has been a problem over the last several versions. Esri: has there been any fix in this bug?

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The grid labels don't seem to disappear when they are the full corner labels, e.g.3115000m N for a UTM full northing label.

You can try fiddling around with corner labels if you can get to them for your coordinate system.
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