Map Viewer - url parameters

06-30-2021 08:19 AM
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Portal 10.6.1 Federated

I'm currently investigating forming a webmap in our portal via simple url formatting which specifies a basemap and the layers to be present in the webmap (this is tested and works fine).

The intention of this is to provide a quick link to the relevant data without having to create a web map or app for every quick throwaway task.  The url parameter method also allows users without an organisational portal account to use the link and view the data/layers.

Use URL parameters to create and modify maps—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation

The big problem - The popups aren't enabled by default, so a user without an account to login wont be able to turn them on.  Creating accounts for users is something I want to avoid, and defeats the quick utility of the url parameter method.

I really hope I'm missing something obvious.

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