Manually rebuilding index for Portal 10.6.1 question

08-25-2020 05:13 AM
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At Esri supports' recommendation, I'm following the instructions @ How To: Rebuild the index for Portal for ArcGIS 10.6.1 for rebuilding the index for Portal.  In C:\arcgisportal\index\nodes\0\indices, there are 4 long folder names, which the technical support article says to delete the contents of and replace with extracted items from the file, based on a text string in each of the .st files in each of those folders.  

However, there are only three folders in the file, corresponding to ago-items, ago-groups, and ago-users.  However, there are FOUR long folder names in my indices directory.  Each of three from the indices dir corresponds to the ago-items, ago-groups, ago-users folder, but the fourth is an outlier.  Looking at the .st file, there is a text string that says dsconfig-es5 where the other three have either ago-items, ago-groups, ago-users.  My question is what to do with that long folder name.  Still delete the contents?  Do I put anything in the folder after deleting, or just keep it deleted and rebuild the index from the portaladmin page once all the work is done?


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