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06-06-2012 07:17 PM
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Hello all, Using Arc10 I want to make a map book. Its a map book of 10 pages and I want an index (tile page). I have made a Strip Map Index It exports out perfect to a PDF. It has 10 pages and moves along the road I am studying perfect. But how do I make a Cover Page for this book and how can I included on say page 7 an insert map showing the Overview map and where page 7 is on this overview map. I have been looking around and all I can find is some stuff on using python to do this. And I dont know how to use python.
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It sounds like you need two things: an overview/locator map and a title page. As far as the locator map, the following article discusses this: Creating a locator map for a map book.

I know you aren't familiar with Python, but as far as I know, the Adding title and overview map pages to your map book article (which uses some Python) is the way to add a title page. I may be wrong, however.

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I've found it easiest (for me, anyway) to just make a duplicate .mxd, turn off the data driven pages and zoom to the full extent of the map book, shoot that to a pdf and use it for the cover of the map book.  I just put my title info, date, etc into this version of the .mxd.
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