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Mailing list or messages from Group

02-03-2021 06:56 AM
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Our company GIS is served up via Portal.  

We have a number of Groups for the various applications. 

Everyone in our Portal is logged in via their company log  in, which includes their email addresses. 

Is there any way to send out message updates to people in various groups?

Example, in one of the groups I manage I have 89 Field Workers. But they work in 8 different departments in our company.  I need to send out a process change method and would like to send it to ONLY people in that group.

The benefit would be when people leave the company they are automatically removed. When new people come to the company and needed to be added to the group it would update the mailing list. 


Any suggestions. 

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Hi Robert,

In 10.8.1, it became possible to configure Enterprise with an SMTP server to automatically send out emails for certain maintenance and administrative tasks.

Outside of that, I don't think there is functionality to draft emails and send them to custom groups of users. This may be a good thing to suggest over at ArcGIS Enterprise Ideas.


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