list of valid addresses for each street name

10-27-2013 12:44 PM
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I'd like to list of valid addresses for each street name. Entering the street name
and city would return a list of valid addresses. (abandoned/unused building are still valid
and returned in the list).

As an alternative option I'd like to enter street name,addresse and city and return true/false
if the addresse if valid/invalid

Thx 🙂
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I worked as an Intern on an Address Verification project for one of the incorporated cities in the greater Los Angeles area. I have a few thoughts to share.

Our project started with the acquisition of multiple lists of known addresses. These lists came from voter rolls, sanitation records and a list purchased from a commercial marketing company.

The lists were merged and used as data in ArcPad running on Compaq PDA's (this was a while ago).

Myself and two other interns walked the city for three months one summer and verified whether or not an address was in our list. The ArcPad application was configured as a form that we could fill out in the field. We had the ability to add address numbers to the list while we were in the field.

All of the address numbers collected in the field were post-processed until a master, GIS shapefile of verified address points existed as the end result. This list was then provided by the GIS team to other city departments (e.g. Fire, Police, Code Enforcement, Planning, etc.).

During the post-processing, many different kinds of issues arose. Parcels are sometimes useful for knowing the situs address, but not always. Bootleg addresses were fairly common, as in un-permitted garage units or businesses sub-letting out the back of their building to another company. The Post Office will deliver whatever they have in their bag to a mailbox if the number matches, so bootleg addresses could spring up and be working for the occupants very quickly with no notice to the City whatsoever. Large, multi-story condo developments could be a nightmare if care was not taken to ensure that multiple, co-incident parcel polygons were not being handled correctly.

If going with ArcGIS as your application, I highly recommend acquiring the book "Designing Geodatabases". It has helped me a lot over the years.

Good luck!

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The local city or county might already have that.  It's common for jurisdictions to link addresses and streets.  For example we have a tool created by the county GIS department which zooms to and selects a property when you type in the address, or returns an error message if the address is invalid.  That's slightly different than generating a list of addresses based on the street but it would work in a similar way, based on the same sort of link between streets and addresses.
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A very simplistic approach might use the output of this tool:


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