Labels go crazy when Export to PDF in ArcMap 10.1

03-17-2014 02:44 AM
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Our use of ESRI software requires frequent use of the export to PDF function in ArcMap. Recently, whenever we export to PDF in ArcMap 10.1 (service pack 1- build the resulting PDF has jumbled labels (whether annotation or labels). It may be significant that this problem has only occurred after many of our source folders were moved locations within the same drive on the same server (and renamed in the process - all broken sources were repaired). Has anyone else had this issue and/or know a resolution? Any input would be appreciated.
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Sounds like font substitution from PDF end of process. Under the Format tab to export to PDF are you clicking the Embed All Document Fonts?

If you are using the python ExportToPDF I think there is a setting/option to embed fonts as well.


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