Labels disappear when printing data driven pages

09-17-2013 05:16 AM
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I created a set of layouts using data driven pages. There are 5 pages and I have multiple layers set to label. If you look at any layout page on the screen, the contour/street lines and area polygons are all labeled but when I print the maps (either to pdf or a printer) all of the line labels disappear. Except the second to last page has limited contour labels and the very last page has all of the street/contour labels. The area polygons are labeled on every page.

I have changed label/feature weights, but like I said it will show correctly on the screen in layout view it just won't print the labels.

Occasionally, if I print each page individually, the labels will appear but not every time.

I'd appreciate any help fixing my labeling issue. I'll have to add more pages and more labeled layers to the data driven set so printing one at a time is very time costing.

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I started my next data driven map set by copy/pasting the aforementioned mxd. Then switching the index file the data frame centers around without having to redo all the layout formatting. 

This time all the labels print correctly. Any idea why the first mxd print labels only on the last of 5 pages, while the second mxd prints  labels on all 4 pages?
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