Italian WFS's

02-24-2022 05:07 AM
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Hello, I have this portfolio of WFS provided by the Italian government:

WFS SERVICE - Geoportale Nazionale (

I am able to connect and view them in locally installed PRO but I am not not able to do that with arcmap via citrix, Arcgis online nor our arcgis portal. Just get an error stating:

"The WFS service,, can't be added to the map. It's either not available or you have entered an invalid URL for the type of layer you want to reference."

Any ideas what I could do?

And in addition, any ideas why this Italian WMS has no idea where it belongs in the world:

Schede - Consultazione cartografia catastale - Consultazione cartografia catastale - WMS - Agenzia d...



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This might answer the issue with Portal and AGO:

FAQ: What do I need to know about HTTPS Only and ArcGIS? 

It looks like the URL you are trying to use is HTTP and is not available through HTTPS (AGO and Portal using HTTPS only setting will change the URL to use HTTPS). For security you should always use HTTPS, so the only option is to ask the service provider to support HTTPS. Good Luck!

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