Is there a way to use callout labels in a portal web map?

02-18-2020 11:50 AM
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I am attempting to recreate a map used in ArcMap for Collector...the more similar I can get it to the old version the more likely my users are to accept it.

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Hello Jessica Schneider,

Out of the box, I don't believe it's possible to create callout labels in Portal for ArcGIS Web Maps.

With that being said, it looks like it's possible with some coding knowledge. Here (Using callout lines with labels | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.14 ) is the documentation regarding this functionality and here (Using callout lines with labels - 4.14 ) is a live example.

Best of luck, 


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You can make callout in ArcGIS Pro and the publish it as a map image then you can see the callout in the webmap

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