Inform new built-in portal members of username and password

06-01-2020 09:58 AM
New Contributor

I am going to be adding 300+ new built-in members in bulk via .csv through the portal site, with generated username and password.  What would be the most efficient workflow to inform the new user that an account has been created for them and provide them with their username and password?  Ideally, I'd like to automate and achieve this task through email.

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Esri Notable Contributor

When creating new users, you can create them in bulk, or one at a time. Naturally, you'd want to create them in bulk if you have a lot of new users using a CSV. However, since you also want to notify users of their credentials, what you can do is with Python, write a script that loops through your CSV, calls into the createUser function of the Python API to create each user. Since you have their email information, you can craft a boilerplate message and also use Python to send an email to all new users after each are created, giving them the information they need.

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