I can't access to portal home page

08-09-2014 01:29 AM
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I currently installed ArcGIS Server and authorization is valid work. I can work on Server manager. Then I installed Portal for Arcgis. Ask authorization window then insert authoreization file like a Server installlation. But go to browser localhost:7080/arcgis/home but redirect to http://localhost:7080/arcgis/home/unlicensed.html‌ and not valid authorization message show.


I had inserted as image.

How to resolve and access to portal home page?

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can you check your C:\Program Files\ESRI\License10.3\sysgen\keycodes file in notpad:  One of the lines should be like this :


(xx is the number of named users)

if the line is not present, check if your authorize dialog lists "portal" when authorisingd and if youhave a valid portal license (not just ArcGIS Server)

if the line is there check the expiration date.

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ESRI lately started to give permanent license for portal (in some cases).

We get similar error when we get a line with "none" as expiration time.
We get no error on the same portal when we put a license with real expiration time.

The console of the explorer say that it does not recognize the string "none"

A new bug?

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Did you get resolved this issue. i just got same error. any advise?


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